Common Sense Solutions for Everyday Business Needs

We strive for excellence in every aspect of your buying experience. We go beyond the transaction. We know manufacturing and acquisition processes are just as important as the products purchased. We know how to provide our customers with a better way to manage their printing and promotional needs.

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On Time & On Budget

This is a given. Beyond the basics, we work with you to understand your challenges. We look for creative ways to help you get ahead of schedule and deliver the quality products you deserve.

Specialty Items

Need to promote your company and brands? SSPPCO has everything you need at your fingertips. From decorated apparel to decorated pens, we have the right solution for all budgets. 


Our more than four decades of B2B experience provides us with the ability to support your operational, promotional, and marketing needs. We have the solution for whatever budget you have in mind!

Custom Company Store

Contact us for more information. Let us know your goals - we have the solution!


What We Do






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